The Beirut-based team has a regional Middle East mandate with a focus and strength in Lebanon

The team focuses on development, development management and facilities management as its core activities, always operating at the prime end of the market.

We have been active in Lebanon since 1999 and are best known for our landmark residential tower development on Beirut’s waterfront, Marina Towers. Building on the success of this project our portfolio now consists of a number of high profile projects in prime locations in Beirut.

Our highly qualified team brings together a range of disciplines, including architecture, financial and legal, and in addition to its real estate expertise, its local intelligence and relationships enable it to execute transactions effectively in a challenging market.

Solidere’s Beirut Central District master-plan aims to create the finest city centre in the region. The project covers a total of 191 hectares and is one of the most ambitious regeneration and development projects in the Middle East, extending from the restoration of the historic centre through to the construction of a new waterfront district.

Stow is involved in three exciting landmark developments within the Solidere masterplan area. The first is Marina Towers, the largest and most prestigious residential project in Beirut. Completed in 2008, this 75,000 sq m tower development includes a mix of luxury duplex, simplex and penthouse apartments.

The second is Stow Wadi a new highly specified commercial development in the city centre, in the reinvigorated traditional neighbourhood of Wadi Abu Jmil.

Part of our vision to create an exceptional environment for Marina Towers is our third project, a joint venture with Solidere, to develop the land surrounding Beirut’s Western Marina. Beirut Waterfront Development, known as Zaitunay Bay and Le Yacht Club includes waterside restaurants, retail outlets and cafes, as well as a yacht club and exclusive serviced residential apartments. Beirut Waterfront is one of the city’s most prominent transformation projects, turning the locality into a thriving leisure destination.

Le Yacht Club

Zaitunay Bay