Customer Service

Stow is committed to delivering a high standard of customer service and has adopted a number of initiatives and guides to enhance the level of customer satisfaction our occupiers experience

Stow has been looking for ways to further improve its tenant engagement, and by developing new occupier portals we believe that we have found an innovative, professional and creative approach to property management.

Stow believes that strong communication and access to a helpful source of information are important factors that lie at the heart of a good landlord and tenant relationship.

We are currently looking into new facility of providing easily accessible information to assist all our residential and commercial occupiers across a connected platform.

Environmental Management

Stow is committed to a role of environmental leadership by promoting environmental and ethical good practice at all levels internally and externally. To ensure that our sustainability vision is strategically driven from policy to property level we will:

  • Comply with all of our obligations under environmental legislation and will endeavour to avoid or minimise any harm caused to the environment.
  • Strive to meet best practice in non-regulated areas, integrating considerations into our activities, working in partnership with clients, agents, contractors and other suppliers. An example of this can be seen with our development at 33 Davies Street, 36 Park Street, 425 Oxford Street and recently 20 Balderton Street.
  • Minimise the adverse social and environmental impacts of our business and uphold the integrity of our business relationships and ethics.
  • Commit to optimising and future-proofing the value and performance of our assets by integrating cost-effective sustainability measures into planning, implementation and asset management process.
  • Implement sustainability improvements that will add value to our existing assets and incorporate consideration of sustainability risks into our property management decisions.

Performance Management

Stow is dedicated to improving the environmental performance of our buildings and commit to the ‘Green Agenda’ maximising energy efficiency. Our processes are measured regularly so actions for improvements can be made.