About Us

Stow Capital Partners Limited is an international property investment, development and management company with operations in the UK and the Middle East

Over the last two decades we have established a platform for real estate investment and development that encompasses a high quality portfolio of assets, an exceptional skills set, and a management team which excels at operating in very challenging and complex markets.

In the UK we are best known for our core commercial property portfolio located in Mayfair, in the heart of London’s West End. In the Middle East we are known for our prime residential and commercial developments on Beirut’s waterfront.

Our focus is firmly on the premium end of the markets in which we operate. We seek to balance exposure to our two key markets by combining the mature market risk of the UK with the high-growth emerging market risk of the Middle East.

Looking to the future, our principal strategic objectives are to expand our activities in London’s West End, including partnerships and joint ventures, and to extend our development activities in Lebanon.